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5 Getting-Ready Outfits For You And Your Bridesmaids

One of the most exciting parts of your big day is getting ready with the bridesmaids in the morning. Just think about how fun it is going to be, with you and your besties huddled together in your pre-wedding outfits! To make those getting ready photos Instagram worthy, have matching outfits. 

There are plenty of options to ensure your bridesmaids getting-ready morning is fun and that all of you will look gorgeous in photos. Here are our favourite looks: 


BM 1 (Amazon)

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It’s no surprise that a good set of robes are the perfect choice when it comes to both bridesmaids gifts and getting-ready photos. Whether it’s satin or lace, gifting your bridesmaids’ robes has gained much popularity in recent years. Just pick your favourite patterns, wordings, and colours! 


BM 2 (Etsy)

Image credit: Etsy

If you want something a little more unique than robes, these are super cute! Not only will your bridesmaids get to wear it again, but rompers are also easy to slip on and off without messing up the picture-perfect hair and makeup, just hold it in if you’ve gotta pee. 

Pyjama sets


Image credit: KLSD

PJ sets are ideal for both giving and wearing. Whether you want the sets to be short and cute or long and feminine, give your bridesmaids a gift that is meant to be worn for many years after the wedding. It is a pretty excuse to ditch the robe for your big day prep and wear these as outfits instead! 


BM 4 (Rosie Willett Designs)

Image credit: Rosie Willett Designs

Sweatshirts are also one of the getting-ready pieces that your besties will wear again and again even outside of the bedroom. If you’re getting ready in venues with cooler temperatures, matching sweatshirts are the perfect option. Not only they are practical, but sweatshirts are also the comfiest outfits ever! 


BM 5 (Pinterest)

Image credit: Pinterest

If you are looking for anything fun and fashionable, why not go with jumpsuits as a gift? Jumpsuits have become increasingly trendy thanks to their versatility. After the wedding day, your besties can take this outfit from bed to brunch!

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