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Tips For A Special Anniversary Celebration

Wedding anniversaries can be celebrated in dozens of romantic and fabulous ways. It is that once a year event where a couple hits another year of happiness, adventure and of course, love! Let us share some tips that may inspire you and your partner to make the most of your anniversary:

Planning an exciting vacation

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Whether you and your other half plan to take a trip to a faraway destination or just a weekend road trip, anniversary getaways are always exciting. Just take time off everything, leave the kids behind (supervised of course!) and spend the day together for some rest, relaxation and love. No matter where both of you decide to go, it’s a day to remember!

Renewing wedding vows

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Hit the big 10th, 25th, 30th, 50th? Renewing vows will be a beautiful way for such a milestone! But if you think you want to renew your vows anytime in-between – go ahead, no one is going to stop you! It’s a great way to reconnect and reaffirm your commitment to each other in a really meaningful way. 

Dinner for two

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Celebrate your anniversary in style by planning a dinner for two. For a simple and intimate romantic dinner, you can cook your partner’s favourite meal and enjoy a quiet night at home. Or head to your favourite restaurant. Whatever is your thing, indulge at the moment.

Recreate the first date

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Do you still remember your first date? Why not take a trip down memory lane by recreating that day? It’ll be fun to eat the same food you ate that first time together and doing the same things you did back then. You can go back to the place where it all started by doing something as similar as possible! It’s perfect for couples to remember what made both of you fall in love in the first place <3

Chillax the night away

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Anniversaries are perfect for couples to spend the day together. If chilling and Netflixing is your cup of tea, then do just that! You can do absolutely nothing with each other just to unplug yourselves from the outside world. Eat food in your robes, pop open some champagne and watch romantic movies. If you have a video of your wedding, why not sit and watch it too?

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