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5 Ways To Improve Stage Presence As A Speaker

Stage presence simply means connecting with your audience in a way that makes them want to watch and listen to you. It is an aura that exudes from within. Strong stage presence can make the difference between a really boring presentation and a memorable one that your audience will remember. 

Since stage presence is essential for everyone, we have come up with some tips on how to improve your stage presence as a speaker in order to deliver a presentation with an impact.

Be well-prepared

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Your stage presence will be enhanced if you are well-prepared for a presentation. Structure your presentation by defining the objective of the talk, clarifying your message and rehearsing so you can deliver with ease. to appeal to your audience. Once you have done the work and is ready to win the crowd, you can appeal to your audience by engaging effectively with them.   

Talk slowly

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Speakers who speak too fast show that they are nervous. Make sure you take time to deliver and articulate your words so that your audience can understand your message. Give your audiences the space to take in what you have to say and breathe. Don’t forget to use strategic pauses as well. By giving the audience a short break, they can quickly reflect on and store some information before consuming more content! 

Make eye contact

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If there’s one simple gesture you can do to enhance your impact as a speaker, it is making meaningful eye contact with your audience. Apart from gazing over the crowd as a whole, make sure you make eye contact with individuals as well. This helps you to convey your objectives better and gives the audience a sense of involvement in your presentation. It’s best to involve as many people as possible in your presentation. 

Move your body

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Lack of movement and hand gestures when you are presenting can put the audience’s brains to sleep. It is your responsibility as a speaker to create excitement and motivation for them. Move your body naturally and make use of your hands to emphasize and highlight the main points. You can avoid becoming frozen and stiff by simply moving your body as you normally do when speaking. 

Walk around the room

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If you feel the need to walk around the room, feel free to do so. Walking around and making use of the stage conveys confidence. However, make sure you walk with a clear intention and move with purpose. As a speaker, walking a little creates variety in your presentation which encourages the audience to be alert. It’s best if don’t spend the whole presentation just by standing in front of the microphone. Being glued to one spot makes you nervous and looks stiff!

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