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How To Decorate A Wedding Arch

A picture perfect wedding needs the perfect frame. Take your wedding to the next level by splurging on one of the most important wedding decor item – a wedding arch. Wedding arches creates a beautiful backdrop for couples to exchange their vows and are also great for pictures! They come in all shapes and styles these days that are versatile to fit the theme of your special day. 

We’ve rounded up some creative and beautiful wedding arch ideas to help you get started on choosing or decorating a wedding arch of your own:

  • Flowers

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The traditional flower arch never goes out of style.  You can go with just about any bloom you favour – roses, hydrangeas, baby’s breath and peonies are some preferred ones. Whether you decide to choose a one-type-of-flower-only arch or mixing various types at once, you can never go wrong with them when it comes to weddings. Here’s a tip: it is always easier to match the flowers of the arch with the flowers in your bouquet!

  • Fabric

Arch 3 (Auckland weddings)

Image credit: Auckland Weddings

Incorporating different types of fabric to cover and accentuate the arch’s shape add a classic touch to the whole affair. Satin, chiffon, organza and tulle are great drapery choices due to their flowy material. It is better to use flowy fabrics as stiff ones are harder to fold and style. Apart from flowers, a more basic decoration like draperies can also create the arch that you’ve been dreaming of! 

  • Ribbons

Arch 2 (Etsy)

Image credit: Etsy

Some of the most creative arches use little to no florals at all. Have you ever thought of using ribbons as your arch’s decoration? If you aren’t afraid of a little colour, think of colourful ribbons for the backdrop. You can create a fresh new twist to your wedding arch as ribbons are creative and whimsical. 

  • Balloons

Arch 1 (Etsy)

Image credit: Etsy

Nothing says celebration like balloons. If you think balloons are only meant for parties, think again! Balloon arches are also used as decorations for wedding arches apart from florals. They are great to match any colour scheme and theme you have in mind. Not only do they add some extra style and flair to your wedding, but balloon arches are also cost-effective.   

  • Greenery

Arch 4 (Martha Stewart Weddings)

Image credit: Martha Stewart Weddings

Greens are refreshing to the eyes and they will never go out of style. They are great for outdoor weddings as greenery will complement the surroundings for an effortless feel. Whether you choose lush foliage or lightweight greenery, greens are versatile and are able to take ordinary to extraordinary. They are popular to be paired with just about any floral to create a natural effect.

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