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5 Ways To Make Your Family Day Special

It is the month of December, which means school holidays are here. This is the time where families can gather together and spend quality time with each other. Some even take it one step further by organising a family day! It can be a time to have lots of fun and strengthen relationships, especially with your extended family. 

So, let’s make this family day special by trying out these 5 things:

  • Go on a hike

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If you’re all about the great outdoors, hiking is great fun! Whether you’ll be hiking a hill, a mountain or a trail, this activity is perfect for both adults and kids to do something new and experience a sense of adventure. If you think hiking won’t be suitable for kids, think again. Part of preserving wilderness for future generations is teaching them to enjoy and appreciate nature. Remember, it’s all about the experience! Broga Hill, Gasing Hill, Bukit Tabur and Saga Hill are some popular hiking spots you should check out!

  • A trip to the beach

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We don’t think anyone really needs to be convinced to go to the beach. It is easily one of the most calming and relaxing places on earth. (Unless you’re a city person then ignore this and go down to the next one!) Other than enjoying the breathtaking view and the calming sound of waves, there are many activities that can be done as a family. Playing volleyball, building sandcastles, having races – it doesn’t matter as long as all of you enjoy being together. Head over to some of the best beaches in Malaysia like Perhentian Island, Redang Island and  Kapas Island for a great time with your family!

  • Play board games

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I mean, right? What better way to get the family involved in an indoor activity together than play board games? Get everyone to sit down and play board games, game of cards or puzzles when the day is almost over. Have some munchies and drinks on standby because things may get competitive! My family and I get real competitive over a game of Monopoly, who likes to lose, amiright?

  • Create a special family meal

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Make your family day memorable by gathering together for a special meal. Does your family have a favourite food that is prepared for special occasions? It can be anything like a homemade pizza, a special dessert or something that everyone loves. If you want something that is a little different, make a barbecue potluck! If that sounds like too much work, a good old fashioned potluck could be fun too. 

  • Make a pact

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Start a family day tradition where you need to celebrate it every month or every year. Perhaps it’ll be something that you always have regular meals together, game nights or a huge family gathering where everyone can do a performance. Let family members take turns in planning something that the whole family can participate in.

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