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6 Tips To Host A Stress-Free Housewarming Party

It finally happened. You just found your dream home! Now you’re ready to show off your new home by throwing a housewarming party. It can be relaxing, fun and hassle-free if approached with the right plan.

Luckily we are here to help you! Here’s what you need to know about hosting a stress-free housewarming party:

Send out free invitations

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Long gone are the days of snail mail invites. You don’t need to get fancy with the invites, just a simple Whatsapp message will do. Send them a few weeks ahead to give your guests enough notice before the party. Oh, don’t forget to include your new neighbours on the list too!

Prepare your home

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We know how busy it can get until all the boxes are fully unpacked. However, before your guests can come over for the party, you should at least have the living room as organised and unpacked as possible. Prep the bathroom as well by stocking up on toilet paper, hand soap and extra towels!

Keep the food simple

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Since you’ll be too busy unpacking and that most of your cookware may still be in boxes, order bite-sized food to serve your guests. If you’re still struggling to think of the right food, buy a bunch of fresh ingredients, tomato sauce and dough to make pizza. Just add a couple of cold beers and everyone will have a good time! Or check out popular caterers in KL such as Perfect Match Catering Services – they have this awesome mini buffet for orders less than 50 pax. 

Use paper products

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Go the easy route and purchase paper plates & cups for the party. But remember to buy the ones that are made from recyclable materials as they are sturdy and totally appropriate for such a casual event. You can save a lot of time on clean up! 

Plan a house tour

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Give your guests a guided tour of your new home because that’s what they came for. You may want to wait until a small group has arrived so that you don’t have to give as many individual tours. Don’t worry if you still have boxes around the house or the windows are bare!

Play the right music

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Choosing the right music can really improve your mood, thus making you stress-free. You can either create your own playlist or you can simply check out some housewarming playlists on Spotify or Youtube for great music choices!

By the way, we are more than happy to help you with venue sourcing for your event. Call or Whatsapp us at +6016 7200 347 for immediate assistance. Don’t forget to also check out our website at! Toodles!