Bet you didn’t know that you can find a spacious and luxurious ballroom in a quiet neighbourhood in Rawang, right? Yeap, you sure can! Look no further because

Birthday party

Are you planning for a surprise birthday party for your loved ones? But you are not sure how to do it because it’s your first time? Excellent. You are at the right place. First things first, the best surprise birthday parties are a TO


In case you didn’t know, Italian cuisine is more than just pasta and pizza. Since it highlights the quality of ingredients used in promoting simple cooking, more and more people are coming to appreciate the unique versatility of Itali


Flowers are one of the most common decorations that you can find in occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays and weddings. The extensive designs and types of flower arrangements for each occasion can bring different moods and emotions

Pool party

Swimming pools are the perfect spot to relax, enjoy and have fun with family and friends. They certainly allow us to cool down when the temperature heats up. Just a hop into the pool, and you will feel refreshed especially on a hot day!