Valentine Day is just around the corner. It’s a day filled with romance to spend with your special someone. If you have nothing in mind, here are a few last-minute date ideas that you could possibly try out. Bowling Date

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In order to create a productive and comfortable meeting session, choosing the right venue is always the first step. Spaces that exude a cosy and conducive atmosphere will keep everyone creative and focused throughout every session. 


The world of booze is continuously evolving, with new drinks and trends every day all around the world. Today we bring to you, a journey of must-try cocktails all around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital as well as the heart of the nightlife.

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In the midst of the bustling Damansara Perdana town, you can find a newly-opened event and co-working space called Welwesh. Fo

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It finally happened. You just found your dream home! Now you’re ready to show off your new home by throwing a housewarming party. It can be relaxing, fun and hassle-free if approached with the right plan.

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Chinese New Year is just a few days away and some of you are probably looking for exciting dinner promotions to share with your loved ones. You must check out our 2020 Chinese New Year Promotions, strengthen your family bond by having