You surely want to get your wedding entertainment spot on so that everyone will remember this special day! Wouldn't want a snooze fest, would you? Well, don't worry, you have plenty of selection from The Venuescaper's Guide!

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Kuala Lumpur is one of the most vibrant capital cities in Southeast Asia, with a variety of unique, unusual and amazing venues, matching almost all our taste for hosting any events. Let's find out more of these venues, which makes the city but more importantly, your e


Some people would rather choose to spend their money and time on material possessions, such as a new house or a car than a trip to a new place. Some, however, prefers to travel to new destinations


However well planned weddings are, there are things that will just go off. That’s how they are! Given that there are a lot of functions, the probability is only higher. Of all the things we can control, the weather is not one of them.


If you’re looking for an event space for your corporate functions, we are excited to share a newly launched space by Malaysia’s very own university, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)! This beautiful and new-fangled venue which is

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Turning 21? 25? Or is it your dirty 30? Heck, it doesn't even matter as any birthday is a good time to celebrate in style with family and friends. Now, let us give you good reasons to book a bungalow for your next birthday! 1. F