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Hats off on completing high school, college or university! It's time to throw a party and celebrate this milestone in life! Look how far you've come, you should be proud of yourself for completing your education even though there were times you wanted to give up (so b

If you’re totally clueless of the title, then here’s a question for you – WHERE IN THE WOLRD HAVE YOU BEEN? IT’S THE SHIP is only the world’s SECOND largest EDM cruise festival and the LARGEST in Asia! #ITS2016 is making a comeback for the third time with i

"Halloween is an opportunity to be really creative"    - Judy Gold Between fall and winter, plenty and paucity, life and death,

As if there are not enough things to worry about, you feel the need to get your girls the BEST bridesmaid gowns! To spare you the headache, here are a few types of bridesmaid dresses you can pick out for your lovely girls!


One of the most popular LED lighting options out there - fairy lights are perfect for home use or event purposes. Light up any room with some fairy lights and you'll immediately create that soft, cosy and romantic vibe you're looking for. This tiny but mighty light


Here's an insider tip from us, venue specialist! Being in this line of business, we've noticed a growing amount of spaces out there which are available for events ranging from birthday to meetings and weddings. If you've got an extra space which is underutilised, RENT