Remember the look on your face when you received an invitation card where the dress code states 'BLACK TIE'? Oh yeah, that nerve wrecking confusion that usually requires a quick Google search to know exactly what it is you are supposed to wear! So gentlemen... in orde

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Let's be real, we all have a sweet tooth. Okay maybe not all of us but MOST of us do anyway! Apart from the wedding cake (which, I don't know about you, but NEVER  comes around to my table at a wedding dinner), dessert is something we all live for and look forward t

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To some of us, family gatherings might be our worst nightmare, while some of us literally wait for someone to plan a family gathering. Whether you like it or not, you HAVE to attend these family gatherings and meet all your relatives. Plus, these gatherings are a grea

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Congratulations on your engagement! Now you must be panicking over your wedding dress, make-over, bachelorette party and most importantly, your budget. On top of that, you cannot even decide on WHERE to tie the knot! How can you possibly find a venue


After meticulously planning all stages of the venue, from the ideal layout, to sound and light equipment as well as being able to provide tables and chairs, founder Malcolm Chua, shared with us how he envisioned


A backdrop is another element that makes our events Insta-worthy for our fellow event attendees. We all love to have a backdrop, but getting a proper backdrop may be too expensive. Whether it’s a baby shower, wedding, or birthday party, or even a corporate party, he