Boy, do we have something fun this time round! So what’s the little twist that’ll make your typical family gatherings much more fun? Here’s an elf help from the Venuescaper’s Guide. Let’s admit that we all have that Van G


What comes to your mind when someone says 'Greek'? Greek salad, Hercules, gladiator shoes and the Greek Gods right? Well, you're right! It's always great to have a themed corporate cocktail party because you get to see everyone all dressed up and hanging loose (maybe


[Updated February 2018] Everyone loves a good picture and these days, event spaces and venues are designed accordingly to provide us with not only a place to host our function but one that insists we take out our smartphones and st


To announce our exciting collaboration with boutique hotel specialists, TemptingPlaces - we are giving away 2 nights stay for TWO with breakfast included at Ametis Villa


After you've secured a venue for your event, next up you've got to think about the decor. This comes as no surprise as what's an event without any personalised touch? If you'


We have caught your attention, havent we!? Having caterers come over and set up the buffet spread before the start of an event is a common affair, aka boringgggg! Instead of blending in and going with the norm, you can stand out and have a food truck at your