One of the most popular LED lighting options out there - fairy lights are perfect for home use or event purposes. Light up any room with some fairy lights and you'll immediately create that soft, cosy and romantic vibe you're looking for. This tiny but mighty light


Here's an insider tip from us, venue specialist! Being in this line of business, we've noticed a growing amount of spaces out there which are available for events ranging from birthday to meetings and weddings. If you've got an extra space which is underutilised, RENT

Now who says you MUST host your wedding in a grand place? The important thing is to pick a place that you and your other half love. Here are some unique venues in Penang for intimate weddings, just for you and your soon to be husband/wife.


Hosting a party at home with not much kitchen time to spare? We heard you and we've got your back! Here are some yummy meals which are easy to prepare without too much prep and cooking time! Seafood Aglio-Oglio

Okay, let's be real for a second and admit that most of us want to look glamorous from head to toe at any occasion. As if dresses and shoes aren't hard enough, we have to worry about hair and makeup. "What look am I gonna go for?" "Will this be too much or too simple?

This is for you, beauty and makeup lovers out there, brands and people alike. It takes a lot of time to look good and thanks to cosmetics, we all can have our Amy Winehouse moment! While we are busy applying makeup, these brands put in so much effort to ensure they l