This is for you, beauty and makeup lovers out there, brands and people alike. It takes a lot of time to look good and thanks to cosmetics, we all can have our Amy Winehouse moment! While we are busy applying makeup, these brands put in so much effort to ensure they l


Now planning a bachelorette party can be a bit hectic sometimes because well, it is the LAST fling before the ring. So if you’ve never planned one before, it can get a little crazy but we are here to help! Always remember to practise the following etiquette if you a


Qliq Hotel is NOT your regular hotel. This modern contemporary hotel in Empire Damansara provides comfortable accommodation f


Have you ever felt like your voice is (literally) unheard? It must be hard trying to stay afloat when you're constantly drowning amongst singers like Adele and Taylor Swift. Someone out there heard you and now there's a platform for you to showcase what you've got wit

Have you ever sat down wondering what kind of bride you are or will be? Well, here’s a few types of brides to match your situation! Don’t be embarrassed though, we’re all different anyway! 1. Bridezilla


We're here to tempt you to have a destination wedding somewhere by the beach! If you've always wanted to tie the knot by the beach, you're going to like what you see. Bookmark this page and turn your dreams into reality (at the end of this post)!