Now that we've captured your attention, let this post visually blow your minds away. When we think of Kate Spade, we think of all things classy yet quirky. If you're unfamiliar with Kate Spade's designs, let us tell you - they are famous for producing handbags and clo

WHO LOVES WINE?! We do! And for the lot of you who share our sentiments in Penang, here's a list of where you can host your very own wine tasting parrrttttaaayyy!


"First we eat, then we do everything else" Hosting an event soon? Well, you certainly can't have an event without feeding your guest. If you're still indecisive on what's best to serve, here's a guide on dif


[Updated April 2019] Some girls dream to have a romantic fairytale wedding while others may be yearning for a garden wedding. Fret not, we've found a few suitable places to be considered consider if you're thinking of host


We cannot deny that Elie Saab is one of THE BEST designers out there when it comes to making your dream dress come true. It's no surprise that his designs are replicated and copied by many others, as they say, imitation is the best form of fl


Creating a jaw-dropping centerpiece for your table has never been more challenging in this competitive digital era. As we browse through Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram, we notice there are so ma