Anyone can just buy something and decorate nowadays, BUT to actually put in more effort and DIY is a whole different level! Just imagine, looking at the carefully planned out baby shower for your best friend, sister or cousin, that has a few touches of your DIY decors


What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘Guilty Pleasures’? For most of us, it has to be FOOD FOOD FOOD. More often than not - sweet delightful desserts gets us tingling alright. If you’re craving for that brownie or waffle, we at


So recently there was an event in Penang at the heart of town, Hin Bus Depot. We’re pretty sure everyone is still yearning to be a hipster, but as we all know clothes don’t come cheap. Hipsters are known for their eccentric fashion sense; this event was every hips


“Sunday morning, rain is falling, Steal some covers, share some skin.” In our case, the sun is always shining but if we’re lucky t


Are you ready to embrace the warmth and bask in the sun? So are we and let's get to it! If you're planning to have a low-key summer pool party with your friends, here's your top 5 summer essentials in order to make your 2016 pool party a rocking one!


BREAKING NEWS:  You want to look out for Space Seven, the new venue on the block in Setia Alam!