L'motichan is a uniquely designed bungalow and styled with the same attention to detail that one would put in when planning an eve


Your wedding day is undoubtedly going to be the most beautiful day, and that's why probably you're looking into this blog on how you can best decorate the space to reflect your personal style and set the stage for the heartfelt vows to come. You must have had a dream


As the ninth month of the Islamic calendar is upon us, it is time for our Muslim brothers and sisters to embrace the fasting month. According to tradition, Muhammad broke his fast with three dates and today, dates are usually the first food people eat to break-fast.

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When planning an event (birthday, wedding, engagement), we often get so excited, that we jump into "the best option" for us. We know that you've done your research, read enough reviews and made a face-to-face interview whereby all the answers to your questions were "I


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHagMqfE6TA&t=4s This brand-new event space located along Jalan Kuching is stunning for your events, comfortably accommodating up to 150 pax.

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Nothing quite captures the summer season more than swimsuits, rooftop bars and poolside soirees, especially when the summer season is all year round; God bless Malaysia. If you’re looking to lounge (or dance) by the pool, music in ear and cocktail in hand, a roof