Do you have Mason jars lying around? Even if you don't, you can get them from Amazon, Daiso or other convenient stores at a very low price. Better yet, reuse and recycle your old bottles of jams and make some pretty decor pieces out of it! Here are  7 DIY decor ideas


If you have to split your cash and decide, we say save on venue cost and splurge on decor because there's nothing beautiful decoration cannot do. We've seen it, experimented with it and executed it! Most people would think a beautiful venue would mean less money needs


Creating a jaw-dropping centerpiece for your table has never been more challenging in this competitive digital era. As we browse through Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram, we notice there are so ma


1. What does DH Artful Décor do exactly? A: DH mainly focuses on beautifying events. We create and curate bespoke decorations for all your whims and fancies. We handcraft most of our decorations making it unique a