If you're having a team building exercise and looking for games to be featured at your event, we have exactly what you need. Finding games to be played is not an easy job, the game should be simple but also challenging, and something that is meant to bring your team c


It's not easy planning a sweet sixteen, but do you know what's even harder? Finding the perfect venue for your sweet sixteen bash, whether you want to have a small event for you and your family or you're inviting every single person you know on earth, we've got your bac


Selamat berpuasa to all our Muslim friends and may you have a blessed month ahead. If you’re looking for some exciting Ramadhan promotions, look no further as here is a list of Ramadhan promotions happening in Klang Valley during this holy fasting month:


Feeling completely stressed out, that you want to just pull your hair out and bite your nails? Put on your headphones, and play your most tranquil piano pieces. We completely understand the feeling of running all over the place and trying to complete given projects. P


When someone mentions bar, we think of high stools and drinks sliding across the table. Well, not all bars have to be an alcoholic one! :P Portable bars are awesome for event purposes as it is not only convenient (in certain cases) but it is also way cooler


Let’s just take a deep breath, before we carry on, shall we? DEEP BREATH, now let it out. Okay, are you calm now? Great, let’s begin! We all know the big TWO-ONE is pretty much a big deal and let’s face it, most of us look forward to this day for a long time. Of