If you're having a team building exercise and looking for games to be featured at your event, we have exactly what you need. Finding games to be played is not an easy job, the game should be simple but also challenging, and something that is meant to bring your team c


It's not easy planning a sweet sixteen, but do you know what's even harder? Finding the perfect venue for your sweet sixteen bash, whether you want to have a small event for you and your family or you're inviting every single person you know on earth, we've got your bac


Are you one of those out there who gets confused when they see the dress code on an event invitation? If it gives you anxiety or makes you panic, don't worry you're not alone in this! We feel you and instead of panicking and getting worked up about what to wear the n


I don’t know about you but Thai food has always been one of my favourite cuisines to devour. A quick Google search revealed Busaba Thai located in Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa rated 4.5 stars on Trip Advisor. This continued to pique my interest and a visit to the e


Here's an insider tip from us, venue specialist! Being in this line of business, we've noticed a growing amount of spaces out there which are available for events ranging from birthday to meetings and weddings. If you've got an extra space which is underutilised, RENT

Okay, let's be real for a second and admit that most of us want to look glamorous from head to toe at any occasion. As if dresses and shoes aren't hard enough, we have to worry about hair and makeup. "What look am I gonna go for?" "Will this be too much or too simple?