WHO LOVES WINE?! We do! And for the lot of you who share our sentiments in Penang, here's a list of where you can host your very own wine tasting parrrttttaaayyy!


So recently there was an event in Penang at the heart of town, Hin Bus Depot. We’re pretty sure everyone is still yearning to be a hipster, but as we all know clothes don’t come cheap. Hipsters are known for their eccentric fashion sense; this event was every hips


“Sunday morning, rain is falling, Steal some covers, share some skin.” In our case, the sun is always shining but if we’re lucky t

tavern-in-the park-hin-bus-depot-penang-cafe-event-space

Hello, lovely islanders! It has been wonderful ever since we came to Penang! We discovered that there are so many cafes and potential venue spaces on this little island! Most of us don’t realize that quaint places like these can be used as event spaces, and most are