Despite our unpredictable weather, our city skyline is to die for and it comes as no surprise why many of us enjoy hosting events at a rooftop. The mesmerising view is enough to make even the gloomiest person smile. So go on ahead, host and impress your guests in some


A big congratulation to you on being engaged! We know how sometimes you get so attached to your furry friends and they become part of your family. What's a wedding day without including them, right? While this is more common in the West than in Asia, we at


[Updated February 2018] Everyone loves a good picture and these days, event spaces and venues are designed accordingly to provide us with not only a place to host our function but one that insists we take out our smartphones and st


[Updated April 2019] Some girls dream to have a romantic fairytale wedding while others may be yearning for a garden wedding. Fret not, we've found a few suitable places to be considered consider if you're thinking of host


Thinking about having a themed party? Let us here at Venuescape inspire you with some visuals a


[Updated May 2018] Being in the events industry, we know how much renting an event space can cost. Believe us or not, some venues charge 5 figures for space alone! SAY WHAAAAAT?! But fret not, we're here to help. If you ha