If you're looking for a venue to throw a cocktail party for family and friends or your company, let's get started and show you some potential areas in Klang Valley! Here are 10 suitable cocktail party venues in Klang Valley:


We have introduced to you where you can have your corporate meetings and taught you


[Updated: August 2019] Ladies, listen up! Here at Venuescape, while on a hunt for unique venues around Klang Valley, we came across a number of venues which have the po


When having an event, one other important factor that contributes to the success of the event besides having a great venue is the emcee. This is a make or break factor as they are essentially the main driver of the event to engage with the crowd. To make your emcee-so


It's that time of the year again where companies are busy making arrangements for a corporate meeting to discuss goals for the upcoming year ahead. Corporate meetings are critically important in forging relationships, sharing important information, educating team members