It’s been a couple of months now since the world found out about the Coronavirus outbreak. The virus is spreading and drastically affecting thousands of people daily all over the world. We are truly facing difficult times with the Cov

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Have you seen meteor showers before? What better way to start 2020 than making new wishes under the meteor showered sky? Whether or not you have seen one, Malaysians will have an enticing opportunity to feast their eyes on a meteor show


Malaysians will have the opportunity to witness an annular eclipse this December 26 after 21 years. The last time this happened was in 1998!

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The Sumatran Rhinoceros is now officially extinct in Malaysia.  Iman, the 25-year-old female Sumatran rhino succumbed to cancer at the Borneo Rhino Sanctuary in Tabin Wildlife Reserve, Lahad

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Malaysia’s very own talented sisters have emerged as winners of different categories at the Little Miss and Little Mister United World 2019 festival held recently at the beautiful island of Tenerife i

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The terms cyberbullying and body shaming are now a popular issue on the internet. The social freedom that social media sites have not only allows us to interact with each other but has also opened a can of worms for bullies.