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Once your wedding ceremony is over, it’s party time! Kick-off your reception with the perfect wedding dance songs to make sure everyone in the crowd will start grooving to and have the time of th

Party deco

Planning a party on a budget can be challenging but it's an awesome journey. You don’t need a huge bank account to throw an impressive party. Being on a budget forces you to prioritize and allows your creativity to emerge. What your g

Pool party

Swimming pools are the perfect spot to relax, enjoy and have fun with family and friends. They certainly allow us to cool down when the temperature heats up. Just a hop into the pool, and you will feel refreshed especially on a hot day!


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A pink and gold baby shower is something that most Mom's want for their newest angel. The design has the perfect glitter print paired with modern pink patterns to help you style an adorable baby party. Whether it is a personalised table runner or festive balloon bouquets to fill the room with part


This could very well be the last supper (for 2016!). If you're still indecisive about where to go, what to eat or what to do, you're in luck as we know of a few unique and interesting places in town which might pique your interest.