So recently there was an event in Penang at the heart of town, Hin Bus Depot. We’re pretty sure everyone is still yearning to be a hipster, but as we all know clothes don’t come cheap. Hipsters are known for their eccentric fashion sense; this event was every hips


“Sunday morning, rain is falling, Steal some covers, share some skin.” In our case, the sun is always shining but if we’re lucky t


“There is a need for all these great music to be discovered. It is indeed encouraging to be around like minded people as well as being exposed to something different.”


Welcome back Venuescapers! Yes, it’s another café post! Oh c’mon, you’d think we stopped at our previous post? Oh, how could we especially when both, KL and Penang have all these amazing cafes. Lets’ face it, we working nomads need 4 main things : godly Wi-Fi, amazing coffee, comfy seats

Recently, we were invited to Botanica Mansion’s Soft Launch in Penang and  we need to share this incredible experience with all of you. Botanica Mansion is under Botanica CT, a new development area in Balik Pulau. The drive ther


Bonjour Mesdames et messieurs! This time round, we at Venuescape bring you classy venues in Penang to celebrate the big 5-0! N