The successful collaboration between Yayasan Artis 1Malaysia and Hot Dish Concepts (From left to righ


A big congratulation to you on being engaged! We know how sometimes you get so attached to your furry friends and they become part of your family. What's a wedding day without including them, right? While this is more common in the West than in Asia, we at


Updated on April 2019. Are you craving for something exciting and less traditional? Let us tease you with some potential wedding venues which have both indoor and outdoor areas, ready for you to utilize!

First birthdays are always very exciting to celebrate, but sometimes it can be pretty tricky because you can't host one that's too long since babies tend to have shorter attention spans and they sleep a lot! Well, we have a few tips in the post so look out for that a


We read your minds and figured out you're having a difficult time looking for an event space big enough to accommodate the vehicles for your upcoming car launch. Read on to know which venues in Klang Valley are open to hosting car launches!


Did you know that some of our Pokemon venues...wait, we mean partner venues are not just great spaces for events, they're also located near PokeStops? Well if you haven't heard of the latest craze - it's Pokemon GO and it's sending Malaysians (along with the r