Did you know that some of our Pokemon venues...wait, we mean partner venues are not just great spaces for events, they're also located near PokeStops? Well if you haven't heard of the latest craze - it's Pokemon GO and it's sending Malaysians (along with the r

"Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life." —Bill Cunningham


Having a storied past, from a 1942 pre-war building to being one of KL’s hottest night spots 10 years ago, The Row retains the charisma of the old but refreshed with a new, design conscious functionality which features 2 event spaces that are fast becoming one of K

Recently, we were invited to Botanica Mansion’s Soft Launch in Penang and  we need to share this incredible experience with all of you. Botanica Mansion is under Botanica CT, a new development area in Balik Pulau. The drive ther


Bonjour Mesdames et messieurs! This time round, we at Venuescape bring you classy venues in Penang to celebrate the big 5-0! N


CALLING OUT ALL INSTAGRAM FANATICS! This article is tailored made for all you social media addicts, particularly with Instagrammers in mind! We all live in a world where we shamelessly, boldly, and openly post everything on Instagram – it can be t