Pets (Kristen Castillo)

Everyone at a wedding deserves a special outfit, including your pets. Since they have become a part of your family, we know how sometimes you can get so attached to your furry friends that you must include them on your wedding day. 


You’ve poured your heart into planning your wedding, and you’ll want every happy moment captured in photos during that day. How do you know which photographer is the right fit for you, especially with so many of them out there?! 

You surely want to get your wedding entertainment spot on so that everyone will remember this special day! Wouldn't want a snooze fest, would you? Well, don't worry, you have plenty of selection from The Venuescaper's Guide!


However well planned weddings are, there are things that will just go off. That’s how they are! Given that there are a lot of functions, the probability is only higher. Of all the things we can control, the weather is not one of them.


It’s September which means we are in the midst of wedding season. Hopefully all of the big things are planned. A lot of time goes into booking the venue, deciding on the menu and everything else that goes along with making your weddin


Flowers are one of the most common decorations that you can find in occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays and weddings. The extensive designs and types of flower arrangements for each occasion can bring different moods and emotions