6 Simple Ways To Get The Industrial Look

The industrial look has become a popular design choice especially in retail outlets, in Malaysia and we at Venuescape are going to let you in on a little DIY magic.

Here is a quick guide on how you can create the industrial look in any home space or venue. Follow our 6 simple ways to get the industrial look.

1. Edison Bulbs



These bulbs give a vintage feel to any environment. They come in different shapes and sizes, and they do not necessarily look like the first light bulb invented by Thomas Edison. Use these bulbs with galvanized pipes to create an interesting industrial combo.

2. Corrugated Zinc



Corrugated zinc is commonly used as a low-cost roofing solution for houses in squatter areas. Try installing zinc sheets to any wall, to get an instant industrial effect. Be brave to use rusty sheets and finish it with a coat of varnish. You will be surprised with the result.

3. Wooden Pallets and Crates



There are hundreds of things you can do with wooden pallets and crates. From furniture to art decor, the ideas are endless. Some basic woodworking skills and creativity is all you need to start building.

4. Exposed Electrical Wiring



Electrical wirings are often left exposed in industrial factories. You can get the same look by showing it off. If the wiring needs to be cased, case them in steel or PVC pipes and leave them exposed. Plan the wiring carefully with a qualified and experienced electrician as improper wiring can be very dangerous.

5. Unfinished Wall and Bare Ceiling



An unfinished brick wall creates an install industrial update to any space. Even if it is a seasoned painted wall, it may not require a new coat of paint. Leaving it as it is may look better than painting it. This applies to leaving an old ceiling bare. If your ceiling is installed with gypsum panels, try removing some or all of it.

6. Concrete Floor


A concrete floor may look boring, but it is a blank canvas for anyone wanting to create an industrial environment. With the right furniture, decor and color, you can turn boring into amazing. The best thing about a concrete floor is, it is cheap!

This completes our quick guide to getting the industrial look. We hope this inspires you to create some interesting designs in your home. Check out some of the industrial-inspired event spaces around Klang Valley here.  Visit for more venue options or call/WhatsApp +6016-720 0347 for immediate assistance. It’s free guys. 😛

Your Venuescaper,

Aaron Nason