What On Earth Is An Art Jam?!

Grab some paint, a brush or a sponge, and let’s jam! Sounds like fun doesn’t it? But really, what on earth is an art jam? Well, to put it simply, art jamming is a perfect balance between an equal amount of paint and equal amount of imagination! And we haven’t told you the best part yet.


You play with paint, let your imagination run free and have someone else clean up your mess! Sounds like a dream doesn’t it. There are art studios which supply you with unlimited amounts of paint for you to unwind and unleash your creative side, and clean up after you once you are done. OMG, there IS a God!


Unlimited paint, your choice of paint materials and your imagination is all you will need to get started. While some prefer ye olde’ traditional way of ‘painting’ with a paint brush, art jamming studios usually provide sponges and other paint materials (refer to feature image) for you to explore. You may even use your own fingers, hands, and feet, or grab your friend’s instead (if you don’t want to get yours dirty). 😛


These art jamming studios usually play uplifting music in the background creating an atmosphere fit for Picasso for you to get in touch with your creative side. Da Vinci, who?! Or you can put on your own headphones and jam to your own tunes too if you like. Let your hair down, express yourself through splatters of paint, swooping of brushes and mixing of colors. You may paint, play, sponge or even spray your creativity onto the easel to create a masterpiece.

Kids, you MAY try this at home but please, use an easel. Unlike art jamming studios, ain’t nobody gonna clean up your mess at home but YOU!


Art jamming is a great idea for almost anything. Planning a catch-up session with your friends over coffee? Scrap coffee and head to an art jamming studio instead. Art jamming is also great for team building activities, birthdays, family activities social gathering and maybe even a date! Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?


You may begin by heading to The Studio at KL located in the city’s hub of arts, Publika and Nexus Bangsar, which offers a wide range of fun and professional art classes for children to adults, beginners to experienced. It’s time to block out those thoughts which tell you ‘BUT I CAN’T PAINT’ and give yourself a chance to at least TRY. The whole point behind art jamming is for you to express yourself, have fun with paint and take home your masterpiece after (don’t worry, nobody’s judging you)!


The beauty behind art jamming is to never have a plan, listen to music, let it go (cue Frozen theme song) and do (or paint, rather) what your heart desires. To top it all off, art jamming is known to relieve stress, headaches and migraines, dizziness and depression, curbs anxiety and helps calm the little ones down.

Have a smashing time splashing colors for your paintertainment this weekend! Check out Venuescape or contact us at +6016-7200 347 for more interesting venue suggestions.