Groom’s Guide To A Bachelor Party

Weddings are a big deal but let’s face it, the boys are only looking forward to the bachelor party. Malaysia has some wild activities but remember, being a groom to a bachelor party is a tough job. You’ll want to rock your last fiesta as a bachelor but avoid the wrath of your soon to be wife. You can’t appear to have too much fun and you don’t want to be a bore to your male friends and family. Here are 4 steps you’ll need to take to rock your bachelor party while keeping the rock on her finger.



1. Pick a good best man


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Tradition says the best man plans the bachelor party. So remember to pick wisely! You might want to avoid picking a best man that is overly oozing testosterone or has a death wish. Either way, let’s avoid ending up with some nasty pictures on Facebook or a broken leg.


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2. Dress appropriately for the activity


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Always ask the best man what you’ll be doing at your bachelor party. The last thing you want on your big night is to be in the wrong attire. Some of the best parties could range from camping to a day of golfing to casino night in Genting. Never let your best man say he’ll surprise you! Be ready to enjoy your fiesta with a little class.

3. Never go the night before your wedding


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Let’s face it, she doesn’t ask much of you. So let’s not get trashed or look like patient zero from the apocalypse on your ceremony. You’ll regret it when you get your wedding pictures back. Your friends and family will see right through those eye bags. The groom needs to look sharp and dapper. You should decide a date to go weeks before your wedding. This is so your friends who live out of town don’t have to make two trips in a short period.

4. Always tell your woman


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The biggest mistake any groom-to-be can make is to not to tell your lady where and what you’ll be doing. Women are sensitive creatures with wild imaginations. If you don’t tell her in detail, she’ll make wild assumptions. Trust me, the best thing to do for a hassle free (and guilt-free!) night is to give her an itinerary of the bachelor party. There’s an old saying, be right to your woman and she’ll be right to you. Let’s save us a marriage and have a blast!

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