10 Steps To Planning A Christmas Party

Organising a Christmas party for a company, family members and friends can be a stressful affair when left to the last minute. The tip is to have a checklist to make sure all elements are well planned and thought of prior to the festive season.

One thing to remember is, it is never too early to start thinking about Christmas.  If you want your Christmas party to be perfect, get into the festive mood early and plan ahead!

Here’s a checklist of all aspects which should be taken into account when planning a Christmas party! Follow Venuescape‘s guide to planning a Christmas party and be assured of smooth planning ahead.

#1 – Set the date


Christmas is the busiest period of the year and that translates to many social events happening concurrently. To have all your important guest present at your party, it is important to lock the date as early as possible and send out invitations as soon as possible.

Pick a date that is convenient for all your guest, take into consideration their working hours and lifestyle when setting the date.

#2 – Decide on your budget


The size of your budget ultimately has an impact on the type of Christmas party you’re able to plan. Be realistic when it comes to budgeting and take into consideration the number of guest attending, type of food and entertainment choices you’d like to make.

One tip is to plan around previous experiences and have a loose budget. If you have a tight budget, you could opt to do a Christmas luncheon instead of a dinner party.

#3 – Scout for venues


Depending on the amount of guest you intend to invite, sometimes your house may not be feasible to accommodate all your guests comfortably and would be a poor venue choice for your Christmas party.

The earlier you book your venue, the better and less stressful this process is! Needless to say, good venues in terms of location and price gets nabbed up quickly. Lucky for you, Venuescape knows the best venues around in Klang Valley. Get in contact with us and we’ll be able to help you out in this area or you may check out our extensive list right here.

#4 – Plan your Christmas menu


Food is another key component for any party. Have a few ideas in mind and short-list which best fits your budget and the taste buds of your guests. Have a rough idea of how you would like your Christmas spread to look like. Be it having a roast turkey as centerpiece or an elaborate dessert spread, it should be planned ahead to ensure necessary catering is made and food preparation can be done beforehand if necessary.

One tip is to ensure that there are vegetarian options available for guest and trustworthy caterers are used. Do get in touch with us if you are looking for caterers as we have many partner caterers!

If you’re on a budget, you might even want to consider having a potluck instead. Always plan ahead with your guest on what they are bringing to ensure that no two items overlap and food choices are befitting with the theme.

#5 – Drinks and booze


Drinks are often overlooked and this is a common mistake when it comes to planning a party. A great advice is to prepare arrival drinks for guests who show up early. Since it is a Christmas party, you might even want to have drinks which fit the theme of red and green! This would be a great starting note to your party while guests settle down comfortably on a festive note.

When it comes to alcohol, decide on the type of alcoholic drinks you want to serve your guest. One reminder is to take into consideration the number of guests who will be having alcoholic beverages and the budget you’re willing to spend on this.

#6 – Choosing the right music


Music sets the mood of the party and it is important to take into consideration the age group of your guest. This is to better cater toward their musical needs and also decide how you want the night to pan out. Be it a slow-paced conversational party or a dancey night, the music played would determine the type of party you are planning.

#7 – Decoration


The decoration is the first thing that guests would notice upon arrival. It instantly gives out a joyous and festive vibe when the venue is decorated tastefully according to the occasion. This is often overlooked as people think that the food is the star of a party. However, simple decorative items can bring out the necessary festive vibes for Christmas.

#8 –  Have a theme or dress code


An optional idea to think about is the dress code you would like to set. Having a standardise dress code better coordinates your guest’s ensembles. This should complement your theme in terms of colour scheme and festive mood. A simple example would be to have your guest be dressed in Christmas colours such as gold, red or green.

#9 –  Gift


Another optional idea is whether or not you would like to have a gift exchange at your Christmas party. Depending on the size and intimacy of your Christmas party, this is an element which you may wish to include.

For a small family gathering, you may wish to buy all of them individual Christmas gifts which are suited with their preference and personalities. Parties on a slightly larger scale may wish to omit this option or have a Secret Santa gift exchange at the end of the party.

Have your guest bring a small gift and place them under the Christmas tree at the start of the party. At the end of the night, allow your guest to choose a gift which they would like to bring home! This is a small gesture which may or may not be exciting for your guest.

#10 – Contact Venuescape


For an easy, breezy party planning process, get in touch with us here or contact us at +6016-720 0347. Allow us to plan, organize and execute the best Christmas party for you, while you sit back, relax and enjoy the party.


We hope this eases your process and have yourself a Merry Christmas from all of us at Venuescape.

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