Eye-Catching Talents: Emcees In KL To Consider For Your Next Event

When having an event, one other important factor that contributes to the success of the event besides having a great venue is the emcee. This is a make or break factor as they are essentially the main driver of the event to engage with the crowd. To make your emcee-sourcing process less tedious, here are some emcees which you may want to keep in mind when scouting for one.

1. Tehmina Kaoosji 


“I approach every event as a brand new opportunity to explore & share EVERY client/corporation’s best intentions & strongest connections with their audience. I believe that my excitement & pride for the event is tangible through that wave of enthusiasm I always enjoy receiving from the crowd”

Being fresh and new to the industry, this TV host from Bernama Today is capable of hosting a variety of events apart from talk shows and news programs. Tehmina has a variety of experience in the entertainment industry from doing voice-overs, minor acting roles, and photoshoots. Her versatility enables her to emcee a variety of event ranging from weddings to corporate and lifestyle events.

 2. Vishaljeet Singh


“My ability to spontaneously express wit and humor with the audience depending on the situation at hand to create a sense of lively rapport with them”

Having close to 8 years of experience, Vishal emcees in English, occasionally Bahasa Malaysia and sometimes in Hindi and Urdu. Depending on the situation at hand, he is able to create a sense of lively rapport with his audience. Vishaljeet has previously hosted various art and design related events including design workshops, forums and designer evenings.

3.  David Suppramaniam


“Humorous and animated, which appeals to a wide range of audience. To me, laughter is just the start!”

David’s goal is to be a versatile entertainer in the local and global scene. Besides hosting events, he also specializes in providing voiceovers for corporate videos or advertisements. With 6 years of experience under his belt and fluency in English and Bahasa Malaysia, David has hosted events for Astro, Marigold Peel Fresh, Sunway Group and O’Brien Irish Sandwich Bar among many other notable brands.

4.  Emcee Evy


 “I spread ‘Endorphin’ as I spread happiness and joy to any kind of crowd”

After picking up emceeing skills during her university years, Evy decided to pursue it professionally in 2009. She has the passion for hosting events and has since hosted weddings, roadshows, expos, and annual dinners. She can emcee functions in English, Malay, Cantonese, and Mandarin! How does she engage with her crowd?  “Endorphin” she answers, as spreads happiness and joy to any kind of crowd. Who needs the pituitary gland when we can have Evy instead! 😛

5. Bally Dhillon @ The Loose Cannon


“I’m charismatic, stylish, energetic, and passionate”

Emcee Bally Dhillon is known to be an experienced and explosive entertainer on stage, he has earned himself the nickname of The Loose Cannon. His ability to emcee in English, Punjabi and Hindi proved to be a big hit among Punjabi weddings. But don’t fret, as he has captured the hearts of a variety of audience group with his Cantonese and Tamil banter abilities. Lively, charismatic and entertaining on stage, The Loose Canon could be hosting your next event!

6. Emcee Ruvela


“My unique selling point would be tonal quality of voice & crowd controlling skills”

As a professional entertainer, Velarasan is better known as Ruvela who has over 10,000 likes on his Facebook page, how impressive! With 6 years of experience in the industry, he has acquired crowd controlling skills and sharpened his tonal quality of his voice over the years. He has since hosted wedding dinners, product launches, and corporate functions.

7. Melvin Aeria


“Melvin stands out in hosting both the serious and fun events! He has the ability to engage audiences with his energy and vibrancy when hosting all kind of events”

Hosting an average of 2-4 events weekly, he has quickly become one of Asia’s most highly sought-after emcee. Melvin has been in the industry for 23 years and has worked with large corporations including Air Asia, Microsoft, and Porsche. Besides hosting local events, he also ventures out of the country frequently, going as far as Milan for events. He is known for being articulate and eloquent, vivacious, and very spontaneous, an emcee who takes pride in what he does and delivers excellent execution at every event.

8. Avtar Singh


“My ability to create magic at an event, with additional skills like – singing, dancing, playing dhol, and I’m DJ too!”

Better known as Emcee AV, he is lively, entertaining and a complete package. Apart from being able to speak eloquently,  he is also able to sing, dance and even be your in-house DJ! Avtar has experience in emceeing for weddings and annual dinners. If you’re looking for a dance group to complement your event, Avtar is part of a Bhangra dance group as well.

9. Kesh Sandhu


“I can be a fun happy person who knows what needs to be done, especially when a client has an event and they’re sweating at the moment of delivery”

Emceeing since he was 24, Kesh is a well put-together and well-spoken individual who used to work for 8TV. He has emceed for big brands like Ambi Pure, Gillette and P&G to name a few. Being an emcee who has experience in organizing events, he is able to run through the flow of the event to ensure all is covered. Rest assured, your event will run smoothly when you have Kesh as your emcee!

10. Saint TFC


“I am spontaneous and have been emceeing for 11 years. I have 23 songs playing on local and international Tamil radio stations”

With more than a decade of experience, Saint is a spontaneous individual who is always thinking on his feet. This gives him the ability to be versatile and host any types of events thrown in his way. Having 23 songs being played on local and international Tamil radio stations drives fan to book him for their respective events. PS: Facebook recognizes him as a legit entertainer based on all his credentials!

11. Andrew Netto


“Bringing laughter to a World full of sadness. Live life to the fullest, there’s plenty of time to be dead”

A familiar name in the industry, Andrew Netto is a famous standup comedian who has considerable success in the local and international comedy scene. His ability to be a comedian and doubling up as an emcee gives him the extra edge, making him a favorite among corporations like Guinness, Malaysian Airline and Tourism Malaysia. Apart from his impressive success, he is also a Malaysia Book of Records holder for “The First Stand-up Comedy Performance on a Plane”. In 2012, he performed alongside international comedian, Russell Peters in front of 8,000 people and emceed for a St. Patricks Day celebration with 15,000 people in the audience.

12. Azzy


“I am  able to pick up foreign languages quite well for occasions where I’ve had to make announcements or address guests/VIPs from different countries/cultures”

Having being involved with public speaking since secondary school, Azzy continued on being a professional emcee after her student days. Her familiarity with the public relations scene allows her to be a versatile individual who improvises and controls the flow of the event accordingly. Coming from a strong language background, Azzy is able to confidently emcee at any event ranging from press conferences, product launches, corporate dinners to moderating panel discussions.

13. Haze Chacko


“I’m very spontaneous and most importantly I keep my clients entertained through-out the event with lots of jokes & riddles”

Haze has been in the industry for 15 years now and impresses his crowd with his ability to emcee in English, Malay, and Tamil. He has emceed an array of events from stage shows, concerts, beauty pageants, corporate dinners, product launches, fashion showcases, as well as more intimate events like weddings. If you and your guests are riddle lovers, Haze will be a perfect emcee for your event as he has many riddles up his sleeve!

14. Gary George


“In my experience of over 10 years of emceeing both formal & informal events, many clients have expressed their ease of working with me and that I have a great voice that is suitable for radio. I’m passionate in hosting and enlivening events.

Last but not the least, we have our very own in-house emcee! Gary has actively emceed since his high school days at St. John’s Institution in Kuala Lumpur and continued thereafter at University Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). A public speaker and debate champion, Gary can emcee in both English and Bahasa Malaysia (BM Sarawak & Sabah as well) and has worked with corporate giants such as Standard Chartered, Carlsberg, Harvey Norman, Gatorade, RHB, NSTP and OCBC. He recently hosted the 23rd APHM International Healthcare Conference and the Asia Media Summit in 2015. His flair for speaking enables him to host a variety of events ranging from conferences to roadshows and weddings.

We hope our recommendation makes it easier for you to book an emcee for your next event. If you’re looking for a venue, check out Venuescape or call us directly at +6016-720 0347.

Have a good one!


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