Looking For A Venue For Your Event In Penang? Think Venuescape!

Aloha dear Penangites! Venuescape has arrived at the Pearl of the Orient, the beautiful and vivacious Penang Island. Planning an event? Think Venuescape. Looking for a venue? Think Venuescape.

A little bit on us – our team here is as passionate as the one in KL, we’re serving as your one-stop solution to event planning. We offer FREE consultation for venue sourcing, so the next time you crack your head on WHERE to have your event, think of us and let us take on the challenge for you while you sit back, relax and let us handle it!

There are so many places in Penang that are just calling out for events to take place. Places like Tavern in the Park or Awesome Canteen,  – people see them as typical cafes but these venues have so much more to offer, especially for events. The next time you’re planning an engagement party, birthday party, music gigs, exhibitions or any other type of event, consider hosting it at one of these venues instead.


Tavern In The Park

I think we can all agree that many of us are breaking away from the monotony of hotel ballrooms as we seek for more interesting and unconventional spaces to host our event. We all want a little more, something that fulfills that artistic side of us inside and that’s okay. If you want a venue that personates hipster vibes or modern rustic but can’t find the perfect place? Leave it to us, Venuescapers!

No one wants ‘just a place’ anymore. They want a setting that’s perfect for their event. An ambiance setting that characterizes the memories they wish to make for that day. You know how you step into a place numerous times and it always brings you back to all the good times that happened there? Yeah, that kind of feeling.

monkeycup-cafe-penang-event-space-unique-rustic-venue-parties-social-gathering-baby-shower-bridal-showerawesome-canteen-sekeping-victoria-penang-venue-hidden-cafe-event-space-press-launch-product-media-launch-bridal-shower-baby-showerMost of us have all these ideas for a specific celebration but it’s too much of a hassle to deal with it, so we just settle for the next best thing. We all deserve the best. So dump all your troubles to the recycle bin and just send us a request and we’ll take all of your troubles away!

Let’s not forget venue owners! Want to have more coverage but seems like you have yet to reach your target? Why not let us handle it? We’re not only serving as a platform for event planners but also for venue owners where we offer reasonable digital marketing solutions.

Got a venue that goes underutilized? Think Venuescape. If you own a café, event space, bungalows, or any kind of space that could host an event, a yatch maybe? It’s time to jump on the Venuescape bandwagon. Just visit our website ( or drop us a line at +6016 – 720 0347 and let’s do this together!

We understand that most of you don’t have the time to carefully plan out your social gatherings or parties. That’s why we are here – your one stop solution for event planning and venue sourcing in Penang. We always do our best to fulfill your dream event because that’s what our passion is all about! When you do anything with passion, the outcome is truly satisfying.

Have a good one!

-The Venuescape Team-


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Welcome back Venuescapers! Yes, it’s another café post! Oh c’mon, you’d think we stopped at o

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