Eye-Catching Talent: ThoughtShots Photography

When they say a picture is worth a thousand words, the mysterious ‘they’ were definitely on to something. Look at that photo which sits on your table or the one hanging on your wall, that was a good day, huh? Regardless the day, the time, the occasion, or the company, most of us stopped and were reminiscent of someone, something, someplace at some point. THAT is priceless and that’s probably why a picture is worth a thousand words and beyond, nothing else comes close to giving you that feeling you just felt.


Today, we talk to one of our favourite photographers in town, ThoughtShots who have been in the business for over a decade. Made up of Arif Aris, Kida, and Darshen, these guys share what it’s like to be in the industry and how their journey of a million memories (and more to come) have panned out so far.

They started off with big dreams –  to capture everyone else’s dreams and here are some of their best shots.




Evidently, these guys have come a long way since. But that’s not all they do, ThoughtShots does videography, event shots, portrait shots, studio shots and you get what we mean (Not that kinda shot though, and yes we’re looking at you, but if you are interested, trust us to find you some of the best places in town to have some pretty amazing shots!)

Recently, their latest addition – Hello Photobox has been a favourite in the events industry. From birthday parties, family gatherings, corporate events to weddings, the photo booth feature has created waves in the industry – every event has to have one! Guests get to have fun, take photos, be able to post them directly to social media and they don’t go home empty-handed – because they each get a printed copy (or ten printed copies) to take home!



Different photography styles, high turnover time, and cost effectiveness sets these guys apart from other agencies. ThoughtShots’ attention to detail and professionalism appeals to many customers who are looking for the right photographers. And take it from us, their client servicing is top notch as they are VERY accommodating to client needs and requests.

Finding the right photographer is no easy feat as it requires hours or research, friend’s testimonies, and word of mouth referrals. However, take it from us, we have worked with ThoughtShots on many different events ranging from weddings to product launches as well as for family and social gatherings – they are easy to work with.


Be sure to provide them with a clear brief on what is needed and tell them what exactly you require and if this is for a corporate event, what are the objectives that need to be met (ie branding purposes) – and leave the rest up to ThoughtShots to capture some of the best candid moments. Interested in hiring ThoughtShots for your next event? Don’t forget to mention Venuescape as you will get good deals through us. You may do so here or call us directly at +6016-7200 347 and we will ensure we whip up a great deal for you!

Have a good one!

The Venuescape Team


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