Check Out These 10 Instagram Worthy Cafes In Penang

CALLING OUT ALL INSTAGRAM FANATICS! This article is tailored made for all you social media addicts, particularly with Instagrammers in mind! We all live in a world where we shamelessly, boldly, and openly post everything on Instagram – it can be the most random thing and we’ll still post it. C’mon, don’t try to deny it, we all know you do because we, at Venuescape, do too! Now, most of us are sick of the mediocre places and we just want make our event (birthdays, bridal showers etc) INSTAGRAM WORTHY. We feel you, so that’s why we came up with a list of cafes in Penang which will make your Instagram feed remain on point.

1. Tavern in The Park




It’s undeniable that ever since this café launched, people have been scrambling here to get pictures of them and the place! Tavern in The Park gives out such a nice cosy yet classy feel, and lets’ face it, the glasshouse will give amazing lighting in the day and such a ‘Tumblr’ feel at night. Make full use of their outdoor swing and channel your inner Top Model if you may! This venue is quintessential for birthdays, bridal showers and social gatherings even.

Capacity : 90 (Standing)
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2. Bricklin Café




Ahhh, Tavern in the Park’s neighbour; another visually pleasing café that serves amazing coffee. The moment you step into this place, your nose will be tingling at the delightful coffee aroma. A great venue for your social gatherings and meetings, plus the ‘insert a meaningful quote’ and ‘coffee addict’ Instagram posts.

Capacity : 30 (Standing)

3. Constant Gardener Café



Nicely nestled in The Chambers of Commerce Building, Constant Gardener is a quaint café. Their amazing lighting is great for pictures and the cosy ambience is perfect for catching up with your friends. Bridal showers, birthdays and mini workshops are perfect for this cosy cute café. Plus, imagine how amazing your photos will be!

Capacity : 80 (Standing)
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4. Hyggehygge-penang-instagram-worthy-cafes-event-space-birthday-bashes-private-function-rooftop


Hygge, pronounced as Hoo-gah, is a newly established café located on Green Hall Road. The most mention-worthy area of this cafe is their al-fresco rooftop. This fits all you Instagrammers who are looking to take ‘OOTD’ shots. Imagine this – after having a nice fulfilling dinner with your family and friends, you’re just chilling and catching up with them later on while enjoying the evening breeze. A perfect way to end your event!

Capacity : 80 (Standing)
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5. Awesome Canteen @ Sekeping Victoria




Settled in the Georgetown Heritage Area, Awesome Canteen or more commonly known as Sekeping Victoria to most Penangites, this rustic café not only serves healthy food and amazing coffee but it’s also a great place for your “OOTD’s” and the classic cup of coffee picture. Plus, they also have several rooms for travellers! This is definitely a unique place to host your event as this rustic cafe will fit nicely into all you hipster’s Instagram feed!

Capacity : 90 (Standing)
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6. Macallum Connoisseurs




Who are we kidding? Everyone here knows Macallum Connoisseur! It’s located just along the Lim Chong Eu Expressway and it was previously a sawmill factory. If you’re into the whole industrial look, this cafe is right up your alley. The interior of this cafe is very minimalist and every corner of the place has photo opportunities. Macallum Connoisseur has a huge venue space, perfect for an array of events including corporate functions, media & product launches, parties and social gatherings.

Capacity : 150 (Standing)
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7. The Hillside Café




Tucked away in Tanjung Bungah, The Hillside Café is a classic cosy café, picture perfect for your events – birthday, private functions, small booking dinners, mini social gatherings! Their interior gives out a nice homey and cosy feel while the outdoor area is picture perfect. A nice theme set up to your event will make your followers on Instagram, not even double-tapping that photo but million-tapping it!

Capacity : 50 (Standing)
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8. Black Kettle



Black Kettle is not your typical cafe which only serves up hearty breakfast but with a spacious event space above, it is also a perfect venue for your music gigs, social gatherings, workshops, birthday parties, media & product launches and even networking sessions! Famous for their patisseries, you can make the most out of your event on the top floor while enjoying their homemade pastries. Let’s no forget, both food and venue are worthy to be posted on Instagram.

Capacity : 250 (Standing; Upstairs)

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9. Chinahouse





Chinahouse is a huge area, BUT the most Instagram-worthy part of the café is The Courtyard! Its al-fresco area is definitely the most picturesque. Imagine yourself taking nice group or individual shots in this courtyard, so beautiful you don’t even need a filter! If you prefer being indoors, they have a private room called 14 Chairs. One can host their intimate high-tea functions, birthdays, and social gatherings in this perfect space! Just pop up some decorations and the place is more than perfect!

Capacity : 30 (Standing)

10. Brown Pocket



Well, we are sure that Brown Pocket needs no introduction. Not only do they serve the best eye and mouth pleasing waffles on the island but their space exudes elegance and class, perfect for displaying a pretentious lifestyle on Instagram 😛 A good space for birthday parties and mini family or social gatherings, this is a spacious venue which can double up as an event space for events. Plus, the interior – is soul satisfying!

Capacity : 50 (Standing)

So that’s all for this round! We hope this post brings you pleasure! Book any of these venues through us and be rest assured, our services are FREE and we do not increase the venue rental prices, at all! If you have more suggestions to add to the list, comment below or drop us a line!

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