Visually Pleasing French Desserts You Must Try

What’s a meal without a dessert? We picked out 5 French desserts which are too pretty to be eaten by us but would be very well received by our cameras and smartphones! Let’s not forget it is Instagram-able, drool-worthy and we almost wish we could lick it off our screens. We’ll share with you a digital slice of it!


#1 –¬†Rose Lychee and Raspberry Pavlova


Look at this beautiful pavlova! This meringue-based dessert is usually associated to elegance, class and sophistication. It has a delicate crisp crust on the outside with a soft marshmallow center, topped with sweet fruits and decorated with edible petals. Making a pavlova requires only a few ingredient but it is a skill not easily mastered by many ūüėČ

You may attempt this at home at your own risk, be warned that the result might not look like this!

#2 –¬†Gianduja Chocolate Hazelnut Bar. Orange Cremeux & Sorbet


How beautiful is this chocolate dessert paired with a sorbet! We don’t know about you, but we feel like digging into this chocolate hazelnut bar right away! We see a combination of different textures and flavours being involved in this one dish. The smoothness and sweetness from the chocolate bar, roughness and savory flavours from the crumbs and sweet icy sorbet. Yummmmmmms!

#3 –¬†Ice Cr√®me Brulee Tube, Dulcey¬†de Letche¬†Cremeux and Anglaise, Caramelised Pop Corn


The name itself is a mouthful to digest, (pun intended). We’ve watched several episodes of Masterchef and every dessert round makes us salivate just a little bit more, only because we have a very¬†sweet tooth. If you’re a big chocolate fan, this might just hit the spot! Stare at it for a good 5 seconds to know what we’re talking about.

#4 – Macaroons

This needs no introduction, what’s a French dessert list without macaroons right? Nobody leaves France without trying the Pierre Hermes and Laudree macaroons. Fortunately, we are able to source for equally good ones in Malaysia. The perfect one is light and crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Easily a favourite among Malaysians, macaroons is quickly becoming an urban and trendy dessert which is a must have at almost every event!



Lo and behold, instead of your usual macaroons, you might want to try this Bic Mac Raspberry. If macaroons are too mainstream for your liking, this might just do the trick!

#5 –¬†Red Fruits and Vanilla Millefeuille


You might be wondering what exactly is this, well that’s the whole point of this post – to introduce you to new French desserts! In layman’s terms, this is a traditional puff pastry with fillings in the middle and topped with fresh fruits. There are many variations of millefeuille today, but it is important to remember that this dessert has French roots, just like croissants, eclairs and petit fours.

In case you’re wondering where can you get these desserts in Kuala Lumpur, Nathalie Gourmet might just be the answer to your question! Being a French independent restaurant, this IS definitely the place to go if you’re looking for authentic French food and dessert.¬†If you would like to know more about the women behind this restaurant, check out this post, here!

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