Theme Party Inspirations And Venues Which Will Be Perfect For It

Thinking about having a themed party? Let us here at Venuescape inspire you with some visuals and introduce to you venues  in Klang Valley which are opened to hosting your themed party! All you need are some ideas, inspirations and creativity to get started.

Vintage Airplanes @ Spacelab 

What’s cool about Spacelab in Sunway is that they have a registration table, perfect for guest registration prior to entering the venue! Your guest can even drop off their gifts here and proceed inside after checking in at the counter 😉 ! Creativity is encouraged in Spacelab and you are allowed to transform this blank canvas to your desired theme. They have a cozy corner which is picture perfect on its own but you can also dress it up and have a Vintage Airplane theme – like the one below!


Image Credit: Careen Tan


Image Credit: Careen Tan


Image Credit: Careen Tan

Read more about Spacelab and how versatile their space is here or if you prefer more visuals, check out a video about their venue here.

Amusement Park @ Glasshouse 

Literally a house with floor to ceiling glass panels, you have endless styling possibilities in this beautiful venue space. We see endless potential in Glasshouse at Seputeh, but the plus point has to be their spacious and huge space. An event space so huge, even an inflatable bouncy castle can fit! This is a perfect space if you’re looking to recreate an indoor amusement park for children’s birthday. Dare we say, adults would love this too! Throw in a huge inflatable bouncy castle, set up some popcorn carts, cotton candy stations and lots of balloons! Let’s not forget there’s also room for game stalls, just like an actual amusement park.




Read more about Glasshouse and how versatile their space is here or if you prefer more visuals, check out a video about their venue here!

Vintage & Rustic @ Base 26 

If you are into the industrial, rustic and vintage theme, we know of an event space in Kota Damansara which has existing furniture to complement your whole theme. With Base26’s vintage interior, all you need is attractive table decor to complement your event. Remember, it’s the little details that count! Plop down wooden tables for dining and start going crazy with ideas for centrepieces! For a more romantic touch, use lots of candles and flower petals or green leafs. If you fancy more florals, dress the table with mini bouquet of dark colour flowers and include a lot of wooden elements.

PS: If you have no idea on how to start, head over to Tumblr or Pinterest for inspiration!




Read more about Base 26’s unique industrial venue here or check out a video of their venue here!

Green Themed @ Slate 

Slate‘s a stylish event space along The Row in Kuala Lumpur which has hosted many notable brands and corporate events. Their interior and design offer the right about of character to it space. While minimal decor is needed here, go ahead, be bold and create a statement. Heineken did just that by adding green ambient lighting to truly represent its brand during its launch for one of its campaigns, #ImagineKL. They transformed Slate to induce and exude creativity for its 2 day creative showcase.




Image Credit: Rebecca Saw 

Read more about Slate’s unique venue here or check out a video of their venue here!

Pink & Floral @ Nathalie’s Gourmet Studio

Nathalie’s Gourmet Studio in Publika comprises of  a restaurant and private cooking studio, perfect for hosting events. We see potential in both areas to play host for themed parties, event corporates like Dior has had a pink and floral themed event in their space! If you’re comfortable with cooking, you may have a private cooking class with Chef Natalie Arbefeuille and have a taste of your hard work later. If not, leave it to Chef Natalie to serve you up some of her specialities!


Image Credit: @bellakuan & @myromana


Image Credit: Kinky Blue Fairy 


Image Credit: @venicemin / @iemegan

Read more about Chef Nathalie here or check out a video of their venue here!

Monopoly @ Malt & Leaf 

Malt & Leaf, a sky bar and lounge in Bandar Utama exudes class and elegance. With a view overlooking the city, Malt & Leaf has a perfect space for all sorts of night events. If you love board games as much as we do, here’s a classic one which will never go out of style, Monopoly! Roll the dice and drink it up! With an existing beautiful and well-decorated interior, all you will need to jazz up your theme party here are live sized cut-outs of their infamous signs! You can even partition the venue and name them accordingly, Boardwalk or Park Palace for the VIP area and maybe even a jail area for party poopers 😛 Bend the rules and make it your own!




Shanghai Tang @ Opium KL

Aspiring to have a Shanghai Tang themed party? We know the exact venue which is perfect interiorly and also food wise! Opium KL located in the heart of town will transport you back to the olden era. Get your guest and yourself to dress in oriental wear and you will definitely have photo worthy pictures in this venue. If you would like to enhance the theme, decorate the buffet table with cherry blossoms, porcelains, Chinese fans and umbrellas. Get a palm reader or fortune teller to make your event an interesting and exciting one!




Spooky Theme Party @ Talent Lounge 

Something gory, spooky and creepy. You can have your very own Halloween-themed party in Talent Lounge all year round! With Talent Lounge in Damansara Perdana, you’ll have a spacious and open space, complete with a stage. Make use of the stage to create the spooky vibe. Hang your props and scary creatures from above, they have the perfect grill for it, making it safe for your creepy friends to stay on top! Dress all the tables and chairs in black and get your guest to dress up for the occasion! Below is an example of the buffet spread you might want to have to complement your spooky theme.




We hope this article inspires you to have your very own theme party for your birthday, anniversary or even a casual corporate event! We hope to have planted some thoughts in your head and get you started on thinking about having a themed party! 😛

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