The World’s FIRST Helipad Cinema Arriving At Stratosphere

ARE YOU EXCITED?! Because we sure are!

Stratosphere is proud to present the world’s FIRST Helipad Cinema and also Asia’s first and only grassed helipad bar! Versatile in character, they have transformed the grounds of Stratosphere into a cozy and romantic space for an unforgettable outdoor cinematic experience this coming October.



Yup, you heard it right! You’ll be able to enjoy an outdoor cinematic experience while overlooking the 360-degree panoramic view of the city. If you have always wanted to experience this minus Malaysia’s humidity, here’s your chance and we suggest you go for it while you can!

As you take your step into Stratosphere, you would be greeted by a beautiful pathway and lights will guide you to where the actions are at. If you arrive early enough (7.30PM) you would be able to enjoy the sunset with or without a cocktail in hand, how perfect is this!



Stratosphere being parked high up in the sky allows you to enjoy the natural night breeze that comes with it. Starting from the 4th of October, they would be screening all-time favourite classic flicks for two weeks only (4th -14th October). In sync with their theme “Reel Classic October”, expect to be greeted with some of your favourite movies ranging from Up to Fight Club, Mean Girls and Pulp Fiction.

A movie experience like no other, viewers will be provided with comfy beanbag seats, superb quality wireless headphones along with high definition movie screening. Unwind and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city right here at Strarosphere!



There are two sessions and movies will be screened daily from 8pm & 10pm onwards. Tickets are priced at RM45 per person and it includes a complimentary popcorn and cocktail. Snacks and other alcoholic beverages are also available at the helipad bar. Check out their Facebook page for more information.

A big thank you to Stratosphere and The Roof for extending their invitation towards us Venuescapers, we had a good one!

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