Things You Need To Pull Off A Gatsby Theme Party

“And I like large parties. They’re so intimate.

At small parties there isn’t any privacy.”

– F.Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Those of you who have watched The Great Gatsby, well, is there any need to say why this is a great theme for large parties? The lifestyle portrayed in the movie is so glamorous, we’re just dying for a wish to be born in that era! Now, since we can’t possibly afford time travel, let’s relive that era by hosting a grand party with this theme! So here’s a guide on how to pull it off!

1.Dress  Up 


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DIAMONDS, PEARLS, FEATHERS, SILK!  The important thing to pull off a party like this is to make it a MUST for everyone to dress up like they’re in the 1920’s. When you get everyone to dress their part, you’re already halfway there to completing your Great Gatsby themed party! Have you seen the movie Chicago? You can get a whole lot of inspiration from there! The 1920’s style glamour – where the women are fun and flirty while the guys are a class act and exhilarating! Here are a few accessories you can add to your outfit –  fedora, cigarette holder, pearl beads, flapper tiaras, feather fans, and satin gloves.

2. Grand Entrance or Aesthetic Venue



Glasshouse at Seputeh | Capacity : 600 Standing Pax 

Arch and window standees are definitely a staple! The moment your guests look at that, they’ll feel like they’re going to step inside another dimension. Of course, if you want to give it a MORE WOW factor, then consider getting real windows instead. By that we mean, a venue that exudes that same ambiance. If you don’t know any then we already have one in mind – Glasshouse at Seputeh. Sure, the glass windows don’t look like they belong in the 1920’s but a little bit of a modern touch wouldn’t hurt.

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3. Statement Decors


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CHANDELIERS! Metallic gold fabric draped across the ceiling, large feather accents – as statement centerpieces and stapled on the backs of chairs, floral arrangements in a perfectly unified hue (here’s a tip : white, peach, or pink or anything white and pastel),  strings of pearls hung on chairs and added to the table setting, crystal glass hung from the ceiling! YES, we’re serious about all that we’ve listed! Nothing says ‘Statement Gatsby Decors’ like these!

4. Music

Oh please, dig out your soulful heart and go for JAZZ, or any upbeat music, your guests and yourself can dance to! Spotify has great jazz playlists that you can play from your phone to get those feet moving. OR if you really want to set the Gatsby mood, hire a great jazz band, a choice you can never go wrong with!


5. Champagne and Canapes


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What is a must when you’re hosting a 1920’s party? CHAMPAGNE. You must always have that champagne flowing like the Niagara Falls! It’s pretty much bad luck to run out of it and of course, canapes and little bites. Wouldn’t want to interrupt all that jazz and dancing would you?

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6. Fill In The Blanks


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By fill in the blank we mean you can add little decors and ideas at the most random places – from polaroid guest sign in, cutlery, table setting! Hey, you can even dip empty champagne bottles in gold and use them as a vase for the flower arrangements or even just a simple decor! Add those frame up quotes and champagne bottle confetti cause why not go the extra mile!

Well, we hope you enjoyed another theme party post! If you’re intrigued to host a party like this but don’t know where to start, don’t shy away and just give us a call at +6016-7200 347  for assistance or just visit for potential party venues! Till next time!