Last Minute Cancellation? Don’t Worry, Michelangelo’s Is Here To Save Your Day

With V-day coming up, I think by now, all our dresses, stilettos, purses and pieces of jewellery are ready. Even your partner is very excited about the “special” date that you look forward to every year. Oh and thank god, this year you don’t have to look at your friends and think “ugh, I wish I had someone”. You and your partner are all geared up for Valentine’s Day date night. Suddenly, you get a call from your venue manager only to know that they have been closing their operations for that very special day due to their own internal issues.

Well well, they say expectations lead to dissapointment. But we never let you disappoint. At this point, we have a heartfelt offer for you from Michelangelo’s. Before we jump into anything else, take a look at their offer.

valentime menu 2018-04

Now that you have seen this, let’s talk about how you can make it more special? Obviously, you or your partner would have your gifts, flowers and chocolates, but here is Michelangelo’s mission to make sure that all goes well, they also offer party planning solutions, which includes basic decor with balloons, speciality flowers and gorgeous cakes.


Michelangelo’s plush seating and luxurious interior ensure that you and your partner feel like royalty. With their classy decor, Michelangelo’s also tops on bringing the first class menu, which is extremely important for them to maintain quality at all times. For intimate meetings like this, Michelangelo’s is an ideal spot because it is less formal but more cosy and contemporary. Plus, you do not have to worry about parking at all, as both the outlets have convenient parking options.

So, that could be it. Happy Valentine’s Day, folks! We hope you have a memorable date ahead. And with Michelangelo’s, we can promise you an unforgettable experience. You can contact us for more “tips” at +6016 7200 347 or head over to

Book Michelangelo’s Pavilion HERE!  And you can book Michelangelo’s in Solaris Mont Kiara HERE!

You may also want to look at our blog, to save yourself from any “disaster”. Thank us later!


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