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One of the best things about looking for a venue for an event is the diversified options made available to us. While having it at a hotel is a common and obvious choice, there are also many event spaces apart from ballrooms and restaurants that specifically cater for events, for instance, a cinema. 

TGV 1U Indulge Lounge (Logo)

Hosting events be it private or corporate ones are now possible at TGV Cinemas. They want to change the misconception that a cinema is only for moviegoers as they are diversifying and are able to cater to event planners.

TGV was first established in 1995 and is located in over 35 locations across the nation, making them one of the few venues that are accessible to almost everyone in Malaysia.

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What came as a shocker to us is that it has almost all the facilities needed to run seminars, training events, and meetings. In a nutshell, here’s what appealed to us to dig deeper into this:

An experience like no other

Heading towards a more boutique feel, you must have noticed that every TGV Cinemas has recently gone through a major makeover. 

TGV Indulge Hall (Logo)

The different types of halls offer different kinds of experiences. Besides the standard ones, they have the IMAX®, Indulge and the latest Samsung ONYX hall which are equipped with comfortable seating and a luxurious lounge. On top of that, they recently introduced the Family Friendly hall which is an all-new family dedicated hall. 

TGV Deluxe Hall (Logo)

Their latest “standard” halls offer spacious deluxe seats. The Deluxe halls at TGV Central i-City also comes with glider seats that not only recline but slide out as well, replicating your lazy boy at home that daddy loves very much! Let’s face it, TGV’s deluxe seats are THE BEST! 

With comfortable seats come many interested parties for events.

State-of-the-art facilities

All the necessary equipment you need for your event is present at TGV – a big screen, a phenomenal built-in sound system and ample seating. The halls at TGV are also paired with crystal-clear digital projection and immaculately tuned surround sound. 

TGV Screen (Logo)

With no obstructions in the cinema halls, TGV is ideal for workshops, seminars, training events, conferences and concerts as it ensures every attendee enjoys the same view. No matter where you are seated in the hall, you are able to see the screen clearly without getting blocked by the person in front of you!

TGV also allows you to leverage their professional audiovisuals in order to provide your audience with an impressively immersive conference experience. You no longer need to use the typical corporate set-ups for your seminars and conferences with TGV. 

TGV Zamaera (Logo)

TGV Come together (Logo)

TGV has also partnered with Lakefront Xperience (LFx) where the audience can now enjoy the first-of-its-kind live music performances with surround sound experience. They launched the world’s first-ever live music touring circuit in one of the most recent events with rising hip-hop star, Zamaera. Recently, they also held a tribute to the Beatles featuring Muzza, Joy Victor, Elvira Soul, Arjuna and the legendary Gerard Singh. With this latest partnership, audiences will now be able to enjoy intimate live shows and performances complete in surround sound!

Customised options

Being truly versatile, events of various sizes can be held here. Additionally, TGV also provides Food and Beverage options to complement the event. Their in-house kitchen offers a variety of different cuisines and is customisable to best suit your palate. Just choose which cuisine you desire, they will customise the menu for you! Outside caterers are also allowed with a minimum surcharge. 

TGV Aladdin

TGV can cater to almost any theme that you have in mind. Whether it is one of your favourite movies or a superhero that you admire, they can make your dream come true. Just recently, they transformed the entire space at TGV i-City into the Aladdin theme for the Aladdin Gala Premiere! 

TGV Hall (Logo)

With TGV, you can customise the movie you want to be played on the screen as well. If you wish to host a movie screening, for example, you can rent the whole cinema and pick the movie of your own choice from as low as RM1,000!  

Family-friendly facilities

Parents will rejoice over this as the new Family Friendly hall encourages quality family time. The hall is exclusively for parents who wish to introduce the world of cinema to their kids. It gives kids the license to run around, throw tantrums, ask WHY, and make as much noise as they want!

TGV Family Friendly Seats (Logo)

The Family Friendly hall has plenty of seating options of all shapes and sizes. It also has patented features such as softer sound and brighter lighting suitable for young viewers. Not only that, it comes with an adjoining playroom area which has padded flooring, adjoining toilets and even a diaper changing station. 

TGV i-City playroom (Logo)

With all these facilities that they have, parents, for instance, can host their toddlers birthday parties without having any worries. It is a great place for kids to have a day out to remember with their family and friends. To make their day more interesting, you can also choose a movie of their own choice to be played on the screen depending on availability. Rest assured, the kids will love it!

Cost-effective and easily accessible 

Choosing TGV Cinemas as your event venue is also a cost-effective option. At a fraction of the price, you’ll be getting the exact same service and facilities – large screen, comfortable seats and a great sound system at affordable prices. 

Let us also reiterate how they have a presence in 35 locations all over Malaysia making it that much more accessible for events!

TGV i-City Deluxe (Logo)

TGV has hosted a variety of branded engagement activities catered to their customers from families, young adults and superhero fans. Some big events include Home of The Heroes where they celebrate heroes from all walks of life, Family Friendly Special Screening for kids to have a fun-filled day coupled with a movie session and a Sing-Along where guests can belt out their favourite movie theme songs! Having already played host to many big-name events, TGV Cinemas has proven to be an ideal venue for the ultimate event experience. Presentations, training, parties, album launches or even live concerts, TGV should be your next event venue.

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