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Welwesh: When Event Space Meets Therapy

In the midst of the bustling Damansara Perdana town, you can find a newly-opened event and co-working space called Welwesh. Founded by two ambitious ladies, Welwesh is not just any event space, but one with a mission to help raise awareness for children with special needs. 


“Welwesh” is actually an abbreviation of “WE Link, WE SHare“, cleverly created by Rachel and Sherry Chew. The Chew sisters’ passion for the events industry inspired them to set up the venue to connect people from all walks of life, including entrepreneurs and business owners where they can share their experiences and grow together. 

What sets Welwesh apart from other venues is that they provide a safe and private room that allows you to experience the Sandplay Therapy. What is Sandplay Therapy, you ask?

It’s a therapeutic modality that uses a sandbox, miniature figurines, and sometimes water, to create scenes of miniature worlds that reflect a person’s inner thoughts, struggles and concerns. It’s observed by a therapist (Rachel Chew herself) using the sandbox and figures as communication tools. While it is mostly used with children, it can also help teenagers and adults.


When Welwesh was formed, the founders decided to incorporate the Sandplay Therapy into the venue after they came across many special needs children who often face emotional struggles. Due to limited information on special needs issues, communities, including parents, have limited understanding, acceptance and support for people with disabilities. In order to curb this, they want to educate people by using their space to host events that are more towards parenting, marriage and relationships. 

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With the Sandplay Therapy, solutions to emotional struggles can be explored throughout the play. The struggles experienced by an individual, which previously were not conscious or could not be talked about are brought into awareness so they can be understood and resolved. It can be used to facilitate healing in people while reducing psychological distress. Research has shown that Sandplay Therapy reduces symptoms of many mental health issues and increases resilience. You can book a one-on-one session for only RM40! 

Thus, Welwesh aims to promote a space which can serve as a platform to help and inspire others. The venue can be booked for intimate events with up to 50 guests. Experience its warm and inviting ambience simply created by combining minimal yet beautiful decor with great lighting. 


Planning on hosting an event at Welwesh? The air-conditioned space will keep things cool and laid back during your event. The venue can accommodate intimate parties, gatherings and even work-related meetings, workshops and seminars. 



Welwesh also comes with complimentary tables and chairs, along with a projector, whiteboard and basic sound system. Its open layout is customizable to accommodate any seating styles including theatre and classroom seating.

Their well-stocked pantry also comes in handy when you need your coffee fix. If coffee is not your thing, you would be delighted to know they also have tea and chocolate drinks. 

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The pantry is also well-equipped with tableware and cutlery, as well as, a microwave, fridge, toaster and free flow tidbits, biscuits & candies. If you wish to bring in your favourite caterer for your event, go ahead as they allow external catering.

Don’t worry about cleaning, as they can provide this service should you have any food-related events! As for parking, street parking is available but you  can also park at Emerald Plaza which is only a 3-minute walk away (yep, I timed it!)


Apart from that, the same event hall also can be converted into a co-working space that is able to fit up to 24 working-nomads that are looking for a quick work pitstop. The venue also has 2 private rooms where each room is able to accommodate 2 to 4 people for team discussions or meetings. 

Book Welwesh today to have a feel of their event venue or request for a FREE quotation here. Check out the video below to have a feel of the venue:

Don’t hesitate to Whatsapp or call us at +6016 7200 347 if you have any inquiries. In the meantime, head over to for a list of venue suggestions. Toodles!