Last Minute Valentine Day Date Ideas

Valentine Day is just around the corner. It’s a day filled with romance to spend with your special someone. If you have nothing in mind, here are a few last-minute date ideas that you could possibly try out.

Bowling Date

Image credit: MadameNoire

A bowling date is a great idea, not only do you get to have fun with your special someone but it’s also reasonably cheap. The best part is if it’s your first date and you’re not much of a talker, playing bowling will take most of the talking away. You can have a conversation as well as keep the conversation going by playing and talking about the game. Besides if you get hungry, the bowing alley usually has a food and beverage area. Perfect for a simple yet fun bowling date.

Coffee Date

Image credit: Love Panky

Haven’t prepared for Valentines? No worries, just head to over to any simple cafe and enjoy a good cup of coffee. The whole purpose of a date is to get to know more about the other person. Having a cup of coffee with some instrumental jazz playing in the background sets the perfect ambience for a date.

Homecooked Meal Date

Image credit: The New Girl

If things are getting serious and you really want to impress your other half, just cook them a meal at home. Nothing is more loving and meaningful than cooking a meal for someone you love. Just pop a bottle of wine, set up some candles over a hot home-cooked meal and there you have it.  A nice chilled, romantic date at home.

Movie Night At Home Date

Image credit: Her Campus

Sometimes less is more, just stay at home in your pyjamas and put on a movie. Nothing better than staying in on Valentine’s day and cuddling with one another. The perfect romantic, comfortable Valentine date.

Spa Day-Date

Image credit: Foreo

Its been a hectic week, and you both just really need some time to relax and chill together. Taking a day off and going for a spa treatment is just a great idea to chill, romance and relax. Valentine day spent well!

Well, love birds we hope that these Valentine Date ideas brings you a romantic affordable Valentine Day experience.

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