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Plated Meals VS Buffet Meals. Which one should you consider?

Once you’ve decided on a venue for an event, you need to decide what food to serve to your guests. The struggle is whether you should serve plated meals or buffet style. There are benefits to both so fret not, we are here to help you pick the best one. 

Whichever option you choose for your event, you can’t go wrong as long as it is right for you! Look out for these points when deciding which option to go for: 

  • Event style and feel

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Plated table service is generally more formal and suits an event which has an elegant and classy atmosphere. As for the buffet, the style is considered to be more informal and casual. If your guests are expected to wear evening gowns or suit & ties, it’s best to consider a plated table service. 

  • Cost

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Plated meals are generally less expensive than buffets. A plated table service can save you money on food cost, but you will most likely pay more for service as it requires many servers. A buffet style, on the other hand, will save you the cost on both the food and service. Other than having few meal options, it allows your guests to control the portion of their meal as well. Buffets should be considered if you are dealing with a tight budget as they are far more cost-efficient than plated style.

  • Guests interaction

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Plated table service has consistent serve times for each guest and it allows for easier conversation between tablemates. Some guests would prefer to be served as opposed to taking their food themselves. However, there are some events where a buffet is more suitable than a served meal. If you would like to have a more relaxed atmosphere for your guests to freely interact and mingle, then a buffet style would be a great choice.

  • Food options

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Guests are served with various courses for plated meals ranging from appetizer to dessert. The meal is displayed on your plate like a work of art. However, the food choices for plated meals can be quite limited. If you have picky eaters in attendance, there’s a chance they may not enjoy their food. Buffets, on the other hand, work really well for guests with varying tastes and/or dietary restrictions. Your guests can freely choose their favourite dish and take an appropriate amount to put on their plate.  

  • Space

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Plated table service is a better option if you are maxing out your space. There must be a dedicated area to place your buffet meals as they will take up more space. You do not only need space for the buffet itself, but also room for the traffic to and fro as well.

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