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#ENDTHETHIRST With H2GO’s Giveway In Conjunction With World Water Day


Yet, 1 in 9 people globally does not have access to clean water. Millions of people die each day caused by waterborne diseases when drinking contaminated water. In conjunction with World Water Day, H2GO Global has pledged to #ENDTHETHIRST by spreading awareness through their #H2GOGIVEAWAY

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If you are an adventurous person, you want to take part in H2GO’s giveaway! Here’s your chance to win the very advanced H2GO Bottle priced at RM132 with the most advanced filtration technology! All that you need to do is to fill it up, squeeze it and drink!

Here’s your chance to snag this super cool bottle. How? All you gotta do is, head on to their  Instagram page:

  1. Follow them on Instagram @h2go.global
  2. Tag TWO friends you’d bring to a deserted island on the post
  3. Watch the video and answer the question “Which water source would you drink from (the river or the abandoned tank) and why?

THREE lucky winners will be chosen and announced on World Water Day happening on 22nd March 2020. Good luck!

H2GO Global is a water-technology company with a long history of providing clean drinking water to remote and rural communities where the usual means of piping and infrastructure are not feasible. Using 21st- century technology, they provide an answer to the timeless problem of safe drinking water provision.

H2GO Technology is changing the lives of people by providing clean water at the turn of the tap in seconds, rather than hours. This means higher water consumption per capita, more expendable time of the recipients, zero water-born illness, higher school attendance rates for children and other long term health benefits.