COVID-19 Outbreak: A Message From Venuescape

It’s been a couple of months now since the world found out about the Coronavirus outbreak. The virus is spreading and drastically affecting thousands of people daily all over the world. We are truly facing difficult times with the Covid-19 outbreak. Countries going on lockdown, curfew being set, death toll rising, people panicking with fear and terror of being infected.

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This has brought out the worst in us. Some are busy fighting and screaming racial slurs out of anger or fear. It does not bring any good to one another as this is the time we need to stand together and do all we can as a community to stop Covid-19 from spreading further. We need to come together.

With that in mind, as a society we must not forget our values and responsibilities that we owe to ourselves and the people around us. It takes more than just one person to help play a role, to truly ‘flatten the curve’. The simplest step you can take is to stay at home the best you can, only buy supplies that you NEED to get by and always think about the next person. Not many have the luxury or financial freedom to panic buy. Think of them. Think of our elders who do not have the strength and energy to be queuing up in lines so long it could easily reach Timbuktu. We need to ensure there’s enough for everyone. Think of others, please. 

ALWAYS wash your hands with soap and water and ensure a clean and sanitised environment. Ensure your children are taught the importance of hand washing. Make sure your pets are well cared for too. 

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It’s time for us to put our differences aside and work together as a community to help create a safer and better environment for a better tomorrow. We at Venuescape, care about your well-being and we hope that everyone stays safe and supports one another through this difficult time!

  • By Khrishantini Doraisamy

    SStay home sTay safe. Be strong . Always Keep clean yr hand If u going out anwhere !

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